Happy Hogmanay

“See you after the Bells” This uniquely Scottish phrase means we’ll celebrate the new year with you. We see the new year in with the Bells and at the first chime of the new year we sing Auld Lang Syne and probably Oh Flower of Scotland too. But Hogmany in Scotland is a real treat….

Winter specials

It is December 1st in a few hours and the countdown to Christmas is on. If you are thinking of booking a trip to the Scottish Highlands over the festive season we have some special winter rates…
Roseisle sleeps up to six in three rooms and is located just a few miles from Inverness.

Happy St Andrew’s Day

Who was St Andrew?

In 832 AD Andrew is said to have appeared in a vision to a Pictish king the night before a battle against the Northumbrians in what is now the village of Athelstaneford in East Lothian. On the day of the battle a Saltire, an X-shaped cross, appeared in the sky above the battlefield and the Picts were victorious.

The Saltire, or Saint Andrew’s Cross, was subsequently adopted as the national emblem and flag of the Scots.

Winter wonderland

The Highlands really do offer something special in the winter, a fresh winter walk in the countryside is really something, and when you take those boots off you can warm your feet by the fire with a hot cuppa.